"Forward Dataworks provides us an invaluable quarterly report, which allows us to enter into conversations with teachers based on data, not anecdote or opinion. These conversations are incredibly valuable and have allowed us to identify issues and build plans for improvement. The money we have spent on analyses from Forward Dataworks has led to significant and measurable changes that benefit our school."

~ Carl Carlson, Upper School Head

“Using Forward Dataworks has transformed how we analyze school information. The ability to customize reports, coupled with James' diagnostic acumen, gives us the opportunity to use data more productively than ever.”

~ Donald Morrison, Dean of Faculty

“This analysis had a profound impact on mathematics scheduling. The results revealed clear predictors of whether students would perform better in an advanced or on-level class. When advising students and families we consider these critical signposts to set the students up for success in their mathematics curriculum path.”

~ Patricia Embry, Mathematics Department Chair

“This analysis of our reading scores was invaluable, and we were able to see how our instruction was working. The data and analysis allowed us to identify students who were not reading at grade level by the end of 8th grade and highlighted reading comprehension as a critical aspect of success in our high school and, thus, continues to inform decisions we make such as hiring support faculty and designing our academic support program and goals.”

~ Sarah Johnson, Academic Support Counselor

“The data provided from our school’s Communication survey was integral in taking us to the next level of customer service for our families. The breakdown of results for each question allowed us to see just how effective (or ineffective) our current communication strategies were, and the comments showed us exactly what parents were looking for.”

~ Heather Lambie, Director of Strategic Marketing